[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 90054] [EFL][WK2] Make ewk_view inheritable in the WebKit2.

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--- Comment #15 from EunMi Lee <eunmi15.lee at samsung.com>  2012-07-01 20:00:05 PST ---
(In reply to comment #14)
> > > What does that mean (sorry didnt look at the patch yet)? You will be able to reuse all the API? Are you sure that is a good idea? bringing over legacy?
> > 
> > I want to make ewk_view inheritable like WebKit1's ewk_view,
> > because I want to make ewk_view_touchscreen which inherits the ewk_view.
> > You can see the Bug 88631.
> > Actually I can make ewk_view_touchscreen without inheritance, but I think I have to do duplicated works such as drawing contents without inheritance.
> > 
> > If you think my answer is not enough, please feel free to ask me again :)
> Look at where the industry is going. Every browser will support touch screens and might even do so as well as supporting mouse (think windows 8). I think you should forget about current desktop use cases (legacy) and concentrate on creating a top-notch mobile web view, because the mobile is moving to the desktop and not the other way around.

Kenneth, thank you for your comments.

Yes, right. the mobile is getting important these days,
and I also considered how to support touch screens as well as supporting mouse.
but, in my conclusion, I can not support both touch screen and mouse at the same time now in the EFL port.
Because, Evas can not discriminate the touchscreen's input and mouse's input.
That means, Evas generates "Mouse Event" when we touch the touchscreen and it also generates "Mouse Event" for Mouse device's operation.
I want to do scrolling for "Mouse down, move, up" on the touchscreen, but I want to do dragging for that with the mouse device,
so, I can not support touch screen and mouse at the same time.

Additionally, I think I can write the code to support touchscreen using "if else" statement in the all mouse event callback to separate the touchscreen and mouse in the ewk_view.cpp.
But, IMO, it is better to inherit and override the mouse event instead of using "if else" statement.

I really want to listen your thought about that. :)

BTW, This patch is for making ewk_view inheritable.
the ewk_view_touchscreen is just a one example of inheritance,
and I think it will be useful for applications to extend ewk_view functions if ewk_view is inheritable.
So, would you review this patch for that?
The discussion for ewk_view_touchscreen, will be applied in the Bug 88631.

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