[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 65604] Crash in RefPtr.h (in Webkit 533.3 shipped with Qt 4.7.3, git checkout)

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Thu Jan 26 03:54:42 PST 2012


--- Comment #4 from pvonnied at gmail.com  2012-01-26 03:54:42 PST ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> I am getting a similar stack trace, I am using pyside to render some google docs presentations...
> #0  0xb4293eec in WTF::RefPtr<WebCore::StringImpl>::operator! (this=0x144) at ../JavaScriptCore/wtf/RefPtr.h:66
> #1  0xb46a3caf in WebCore::String::isEmpty (this=0x144) at platform/text/String.cpp:608
> #2  0xb42f027d in WebCore::KURL::isEmpty (this=0x144) at platform/KURL.h:327
> #3  0xb45c18a8 in WebCore::FrameLoader::setEncoding (this=0x0, name=..., userChosen=false) at loader/FrameLoader.cpp:1484
> #4  0xb4806b9d in WebCore::FrameLoaderClientQt::dispatchDidFailLoading (this=0x9ec8740, loader=0xae270a00, identifier=16, error=...) at ../WebKit/qt/WebCoreSupport/FrameLoaderClientQt.cpp:904
> #5  0xb45e8e9e in WebCore::ResourceLoadNotifier::didFailToLoad (this=0xacd4678c, loader=0xacd24000, error=...) at loader/ResourceLoadNotifier.cpp:98
> #6  0xb45e8263 in WebCore::ResourceLoader::didCancel (this=0xacd24000, error=...) at loader/ResourceLoader.cpp:345
> #7  0xb45e9e82 in WebCore::SubresourceLoader::didCancel (this=0xacd24000, error=...) at loader/SubresourceLoader.cpp:234
> #8  0xb45e8328 in WebCore::ResourceLoader::cancel (this=0xacd24000, error=...) at loader/ResourceLoader.cpp:362
> #9  0xb45e82a7 in WebCore::ResourceLoader::cancel (this=0xacd24000) at loader/ResourceLoader.cpp:352
> #10 0xb45ba2dc in WebCore::DocumentThreadableLoader::cancel (this=0xae280500) at loader/DocumentThreadableLoader.cpp:158
> #11 0xb47b5179 in WebCore::XMLHttpRequest::internalAbort (this=0xac88e540) at xml/XMLHttpRequest.cpp:600
> #12 0xb47b6d0f in WebCore::XMLHttpRequest::stop (this=0xac88e540) at xml/XMLHttpRequest.cpp:979
> #13 0xb4472bcf in WebCore::ScriptExecutionContext::stopActiveDOMObjects (this=0xaca05830) at dom/ScriptExecutionContext.cpp:226
> #14 0xb441cb8a in WebCore::Document::detach (this=0xaca05800) at dom/Document.cpp:1518
> #15 0xb46286f2 in WebCore::Frame::setView (this=0xacd46680, view=...) at page/Frame.cpp:256
> #16 0xb45c6a30 in WebCore::FrameLoader::closeAndRemoveChild (this=0xae213130, child=0xacd46680) at loader/FrameLoader.cpp:3109
> #17 0xb45c6f29 in WebCore::FrameLoader::detachFromParent (this=0xacd466b0) at loader/FrameLoader.cpp:3198
> #18 0xb45c69cf in WebCore::FrameLoader::detachChildren (this=0xae213130) at loader/FrameLoader.cpp:3101
> #19 0xb45c6eaa in WebCore::FrameLoader::detachFromParent (this=0xae213130) at loader/FrameLoader.cpp:3188
> My code is way too huge (and mostly written in python...) to easily create a test case for this...   perhaps we can find something that we are doing that is shared between our applications... I seem to only get this problem when I have been loading from cache, (offline mode...) and then coming back online

Our application is working in offline mode only (cache). What we are doing is building up an HTML UI that is reloaded after every interaction. That's one common thing. Our code is also too complex to just isolate some parts for testing.

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