[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 76239] DrawingBuffer is not cleared correctly

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Wed Jan 18 19:00:43 PST 2012


--- Comment #14 from yongsheng <yongsheng.zhu at intel.com>  2012-01-18 19:00:43 PST ---
> I don't see how fixing Bug 76225 will affect the execution of fast/canvas/webgl/drawingbuffer-test.html. There is no JavaScript-level garbage collection involved when the canvas's width and height are changed. Bug 76255 will only release WebGL resources more eagerly when the page is unloaded.

Does the cases 'drawingbuffer-static-canvas-test' and 'drawingbuffer-test' was ran in one renderer process in the test framework?

If yes, it's similar to refresh the page: the previously used drawingbuffer was not released and then the next case have no enough buffer to use. So a gc or resource release is needed.

In my own test results, these 2 cases running in one tab in turn are in one renderer process.
Could you please help check it in the test server?

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