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--- Comment #48 from Zoltan Herczeg <zherczeg at webkit.org>  2012-01-17 05:15:45 PST ---
> This is not true. Sampling profiler works just fine in cases like this. If you are not seeing progression in something like Instruments or Shark then you are very likely not improving anything.

I made some profiling on arm. I collected all CSS lexing contributor functions of "opreport -l libQtWebKit.so.4"

505       1.7080  WebCore::CSSParser::lex()
131       0.4431  WebCore::CSSParser::text(int*)
54        0.1826  WebCore::CSSParser::lex(void*)

Sum: ~700 sample

190       0.6663  WebCore::CSSParser::lex(void*)
12        0.0421  WebCore::CSSParser::detectAtToken(int, bool)
6         0.0210  WebCore::CSSParser::detectNumberToken(unsigned short*, int)
6         0.0210  WebCore::CSSParser::detectNumberToken(unsigned short*, int)
6         0.0210  WebCore::CSSParser::parseIdentifier(unsigned short*&)
6         0.0210  WebCore::CSSParser::parseURI(unsigned short*&, unsigned short*&)
1         0.0035  WebCore::CSSParser::detectFunctionToken(int)

Sum: ~240 sample

So you are right, you can see that with any profiling tool.

Oliver could you review the patch?

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