[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 76035] Add state attribute to history's dom interface.

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--- Comment #13 from Pablo Flouret <pablof at motorola.com>  2012-01-12 14:45:19 PST ---
I'm not sure create-on-read is fully feasible.

I'm looking at the PopStateEvent part and it doesn't get the state object directly from the HistoryItem, it gets the serialized state through its constructor when it's created, eventually passed down from FrameLoader and Document, which in some cases save the value in m_pendingStateObject and dispatch the event after some things happen (document finishes loading, etc).

Would it be safe to keep a frame in the event instead and get the state directly from the HistoryItem? I suppose, for starters, {FrameLoader,Document}::m_pendingStateObject should always be the same as currentItem()->stateObject(). Are there any other potential issues? for instance, can the event survive a history navigation and then get a different state object via currentItem()->stateObject()?.

(And might there be race conditions in OOP between the points where you get the state object, serialize it and store that back in the HistoryItem?)

Should we just save both serialized and deserialized values from the get go (useless memory usage, i guess)?, or just serialize to check for errors, and just keep and pass around the deserialized one?

Any thoughts/ideas?

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