[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 75710] [Qt] Test fonts metric differencies with Qt5

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--- Comment #4 from Balazs Kelemen <kbalazs at webkit.org>  2012-01-09 03:48:06 PST ---
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> Some debugging showed that there is no difference in the font used on the system where the issue is triggering. The same font is used from the testsfonts as it should be, so different system fonts is not a reason for the failures.
> The culprit is QFreetypeFace::getFace (qfontengine_ft.cpp)
> } else if (FT_New_Face(freetypeData->library, face_id.filename, face_id.index, &face)) {
>    return 0;
> }
> filename and index are the same, the file is n019043l.pfb from the testfonts.
> However, freetype gives a different font face with different glyphs and advances.
> So it seems to be a change in freetype or something similar.
> The question is how could we avoid these differences without rebasing every platform result.

Sorry, I missed it. The font is different on the two different system. It should use n019003l.pfb but it picks up n019043l.pfb on some systems and that's why it fails. So the difference is the fallback font choice, maybe related to fontconfig.

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