[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 75459] Provide Vala bindings (vapi) for WebKitGTK

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Thu Jan 5 13:52:25 PST 2012


--- Comment #2 from Eric Gregory <eric at yorba.org>  2012-01-05 13:52:25 PST ---
I asked about this on the Vala mailing list.  Marc-André Lureau responded with the following advice:


This is what I would do if the vapi file can be generated directly
from gobject-introspection gir file, then it's rather straightforward:

Add --enable-vala and check for AC_PATH_PROG(VAPIGEN, vapigen) in configure.ac.

Add vapi files rules in Makefile.am (perhaps in a vapi directory):

vapidir = $(datadir)/vala/vapi
vapi_DATA =             \
       webkit-1.0.vapi \

webkit-1.0.vapi: $(top_builddir)/where/to/find/WebKit-1.0.gir
       $(AM_V_GEN)$(VAPIGEN) --library webkit-1.0 $<

Adjust your arguments where needed, add metadata/custum files etc..
Hope that helps!

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