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--- Comment #12 from chris fleizach <cfleizach at apple.com>  2012-02-28 15:04:37 PST ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> Looking at the code, it seems to me this is a problem that must be addressed in every port separately, and that it has been already addressed in the chromium and the windows port (I tried with Google Chrome 16 and seems to work indeed).
> However, other a11y-enabled ports such as the Mac and the GTK ports have the infrastructure in place to fix it but haven't fixed it yet :-(
> I have no idea about how to write Objective-C so I wouldn't know how to write a patch for the Mac, so I'm CCing Chris Fleizach here, who will know better for sure. As for the GTK port, I already had written a patch some time ago that fixed the problem and even got accepted, but then it broke some tests and got rolled out... and got unfortunately forgotten due to happening in a moment where I was too busy with other matters. Shame on me.
> However, I'd like to make up the mistake and will try to find some time soon (hopefully this week) to re-try my old patch, change what it's needed and see if we can get it fixed in the GTK port once and for all.

Why does this need to be a platform decision? It seems like all we'd want to do is, if a in page link is activated and focus was on that link, move setFocusedNode() to the anchor if it accepts keyboard focus...

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