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--- Comment #15 from Zan Dobersek <zandobersek at gmail.com>  2012-02-22 01:54:06 PST ---
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> Sorry for rolling this out, but we are close to a new release, and I think we have to discuss this a bit more. After reading he code, now I understand what this signal is for. This signal is only called by DOMWindow::showModalDialog(). This method creates a normal popup dialog, so that signals create-web-view are web-view-ready normally, and after the new frame is shown in a window, runModal() is called, to run the newly created view in modal mode, until close() is called (close-web-view signal is emitted). 

No problem about the roll-out, but sorry for the mess.

> The current name of the signal it's similar to the DOMWindow method (showModalDialog()), but the method does a lot of more things than what the signal is expected to do. So, since the other signals involved refer to the view and not to a window (create-web-view, web-view-ready and close-web-view) this signal could be called run-modal-web-view (or something similar). The documentation should explain also that this signal is always emitted (if emitted) after web-view-ready signal to run the newly created view in modal mode, until close-web-view signal is emitted (and the view is destroyed). 

The create-web-view signal is triggered on the originatin web view, creating the new web view - the dialog web view. On this dialog web view are then triggered the web-view-ready and close-web-view signals.

run-modal-web-view sound to me like some other web view will be run as a modal dialog (rather than the one on which the signal was triggered). I'd suggest something like 'run-as-modal-web-view' or even simpler, just 'run-as-modal'.

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