[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 65082] Presentational forms for full-width punctuation unused and erroneously rendered in vertical writing mode

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--- Comment #9 from Koji Ishii <kojiishi at gmail.com>  2012-02-18 10:23:09 PST ---
Inspector allows you to edit, so you could try each font at:

As far as I quickly checked on Mac OS X 10.6, bad ones:
Heiti TC
Heiti SC

Good ones:
Hiragino Sans GB
Fang Song
Lihei Pro
Apple LiGothic

When you say "manually entered", I guess you mean by using Unicode vertical presentations code points. They don't work very well.

Right now, as far as I understand, fonts need to support glyph substitution feature called 'vert' or 'vrt2' to work in Mac webkit. I guess they don't work well in TextEdit either.

I'm not Apple guy nor webkit guy, so I'm not in a position to talk if webkit is going to support fonts without 'vert' nor 'vrt2'. You may want to wait for other people's comment, or contact Apple, if you want to use these fonts.

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