[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 78435] UString.h will crash if is8bit is checked and UString::isNull() == true

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--- Comment #7 from Adam Treat <atreat at rim.com>  2012-02-12 13:32:31 PST ---
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> > > If you look at UString.h it seems that it is just a wrapper around WTF::StringImpl.  Most of the functions in UString.h check if it is null, but not UString::is8bit.  This can lead to a null pointer de-reference.  For instance, if you do this...
> > > 
> > >     m_mainFrame->script()->evaluateInWorld(ScriptSourceCode(""), ...);
> > 
> > This looks similar to r106600
> Both fix the crash in the case of null source code, but this makes UString::is8Bit safe for UString::isNull() == true.
> I don't get the inconsistent comment.  If anything, UString::is8Bit() is inconsistent with all the other methods in UString!

Or did you meant that StringImpl::is8Bit() will return true for a null string?

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