[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 77835] [GObject bindings] Missing scope annotations for add/remove_event_listener

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Sat Feb 11 03:06:00 PST 2012


--- Comment #14 from C Anthony <anthony at xtfx.me>  2012-02-11 03:06:00 PST ---
all hail Zan! bringer of light to that which was once dark! peace and happiness aplenty! progress and ideas abound!

:) woo hoo!  with your patch i can indeed now receive arguments! i can also confirm the inability to remove handlers (though i still think the correct scope for remove_event_listener is `call`) ... however, you're patch confirms i did get most of what was happening (i *almost* had it during my testing), and now i have a good base to branch from, thanks!

i intended to detail several ideas/tests, but alas, i'll return tomorrow ...

but first, one thought. here is a diff of the generated GIRs:


... as suspected prior, the GIR contains no information about what args the GCallback will receive (generic?), and in the sources GCallback itself is defined as `typedef void (*GCallback) (void)` ...

so, while i'm not sure why introspection doesn't pick up the cast to `GObjectEventListenerCallback`, maybe we can try:

@handler: (type GObjectEventListenerCallback) [...]

... or, does this make sense:

typedef GCallback GObjectEventListenerCallback ([...]);

.. but maybe that's redundant/ridiculous.  like i said, i'm a n00b :-) but i think i have a bunch if good ideas to try, and hopefully get something landed ASAP.

i'll be hitting this hard tomorrow -- will return with results.

PS. to those with black pens and over-sized checks, i happen to be an prominent and well-respected nobody; i recommend Zan for swift promotion and obscene raise.  special mention to Priit and Gustavo for help in IRC ... even if they WONTFIX ;-)

thanks much everyone; tune in tomorrow for the shocking conclusion!

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