[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 71262] Web Inspector: Add colorpicker functionality to color swatches in Styles Sidebar

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Fri Feb 10 10:53:52 PST 2012


--- Comment #45 from Brian Grinstead <briangrinstead at gmail.com>  2012-02-10 10:53:52 PST ---
(In reply to comment #44)
> Runtime thoughts :)
> First and foremost: the picker will be a magnitude more usable if clicking (mousedown) in the two colored areas will move the dragger/slider to the click point, like the alpha slider (<input type="range">) does.

Good point, added this in.

> This style can make the dragger look a lot better in dark areas of the spectrum:
> .spectrum-dragger {
>   border-radius: 5px;
>   height: 5px;
>   width: 5px;
>   border: 1px solid white;
>   cursor: pointer;
>   position: absolute;
>   top: 0;
>   left: 0;
>   background: black;
> }


> Also "-webkit-user-select: none" would be useful on "spectrum-container", since click-dragging the alpha slider may inadvertently result in selecting the "alpha: " label (or some other text nearby) if you miss the slider active area (which was the case with me.)


> The strings "alpha: ", "color: ", and "Click to open a colorpicker" are not present in localizedStrings.js (this file is considered binary by the VCS's, so you will need to manually re-add them every time it changes in the HEAD).

When I change this file, I just see 'Binary files differ' in the patch... So I'm not sure how to include these changes in the patch.  How do you typically get these changes landed?

> It would be awesome if there were a way to cancel the colorpicking. Also, Pavel might have some concerns regarding the compatibility with his recent Undo feature (at the very least, we can deal with it in a subsequent patch.)

I wonder if the 'cancel' functionality should be put in place with this?  Not sure if we would have to change to code to make it compatible with undo.  I don't have a problem adding in a cancel button or 'escape' support, but I want to make sure it would be accepted before putting the time into it.

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