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Description From clear111 at hotmail.com 2012-02-09 19:24:24 PST (-) [reply]
The files are from an internet dating site, and are very personal, so unfortunately I cannot share them.
I don’t remember if I mentioned that they were from 2009. Perhaps something changed after that time, in the webarchive files are written or read. I also don’t remember if I mentioned that the regular Safari opens them without a problem. Is there a difference in the way a webarchive file is read and interpreted, between the regular Safari and WebKit?

Wait a minute! I think that I’ve figured it out!

The files that WebKit couldn’t open all begin with a date and time containing slashes! Sometimes the OS tolerates slashes in a file name, and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know why that is, but a friend with a new MacBook Air had file names with slashes, and the OS opened some of them but not others! The app was Pages.

Here are three file names that WebKit couldn’t open: 
03/24/2009 11-15 AM.webarchive

The file name that it could open is: xxxxxxxxxxX0X0 profile.webarchive
The lower case x-es represent lower case letters in the file name, the upper case X-es represent upper case letters in the file name, and the 0-s represent numbers in the file name.

You could try changing the name of a webarchive file that you have to 03/24/2009 11-15 AM.webarchive and see what happens when you try to open it.

BTW, I’m using an iMac with Mac OS 10.7.3.


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