[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 77493] PopStateEvent.state should use the same object as history.state

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Thu Feb 9 11:12:20 PST 2012


--- Comment #4 from Pablo Flouret <pablof at motorola.com>  2012-02-09 11:12:20 PST ---
It seems the existing behavior for PopStateEvent.state is not totally correct, or at least different to the other browsers, due to history.back et al being asynchronous.


history.pushState(1, "", "");                                   
history.pushState(2, "", "");                                   
window.onpopstate = function (e) { alert(e.state); }
history.pushState(3, "", "");

Webkit alerts 2, gecko alerts 1, presto doesn't even fire the event (pushState(3) cancels the navigation?)

I'll try to find a better solution to the whole thing and spam some lists in the meantime to see what should happen here. In the meantime ignore the patch, it's very wrong.

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