[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 77835] [GObject bindings] Missing scope annotations for add/remove_event_listener

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Wed Feb 8 23:39:44 PST 2012


--- Comment #10 from C Anthony <anthony at xtfx.me>  2012-02-08 23:39:44 PST ---
ebassi (from IRC #introspection) later on added this:

< xtfxme> ebassi, jdahlin: thank you that sounds like a good solution. if i understand correctly the _full variant would be identical, except with a GDestroyNotify param appended, and the rename annotation will effectively make the _full variant mask the original (to python at least)?


< ebassi> xtfxme: yes
< ebassi> xtfxme: the remove_event_listener() function would then call the DestroyNotify internally, if any was set


< ebassi> I wonder if the API can be changed, or if it needs a new vfunc in the WebKitDOMEventTargetIface
< ebassi> it's an interface, so it's possible to add a new vfunc without breaking the ABI

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