[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 76948] min-width is not implemented on <table> for table-layout: fixed

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--- Comment #4 from Antaryami Pandia <antaryami.pandia at motorola.com>  2012-02-06 03:04:09 PST ---
Hi Max,
Your change for issue 76553, seems to have fixed this also.

I had a look at you patch for issue 76553, and the below code in "RenderTable.cpp" seems to have fixed it:-

Method :- "RenderTable::computeLogicalWidth"
// Ensure we aren't smaller than our min-width style.
Length styleMinLogicalWidth = style()->logicalMinWidth();
if (styleMinLogicalWidth.isSpecified() && styleMinLogicalWidth.isPositive())
    setLogicalWidth(max(logicalWidth(), ConvertStyleLogicalWidthToComputedWidth(styleMinLogicalWidth, availableLogicalWidth)));

I think this piece of code takes the css min-width into consideration and sets width it accordingly.

Another Point I Observed:-

I think the above code will also be working for "table-layout: auto" case (issue 76553). I tried by removing the modified code from "AutoTableLayout::computePreferredLogicalWidths" and found that min-width for "table-layout: auto" is also working.

Code that I removed:-
Method :- AutoTableLayout::computePreferredLogicalWidths
Length tableLogicalMinWidth = m_table->style()->logicalMinWidth();
if (tableLogicalMinWidth.isFixed() && tableLogicalMinWidth.isPositive()) {
    minWidth = max<int>(minWidth, tableLogicalMinWidth.value());
    maxWidth = max<int>(minWidth, maxWidth);

I think either of the code could have fixed the issue for "table-layout: auto". So is there any specific reason for both the code changes?

Note:- I should have comment the in the issue 76553, for "table-layout: auto" case. But I am doing it here because that issue is already resolved and The code change also holds for this issue.

Please provide your feedback.

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