[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 77835] [gobject-introspection] Missing scope annotations for add/remove_event_listener

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Sun Feb 5 21:29:07 PST 2012


--- Comment #1 from C Anthony <anthony at xtfx.me>  2012-02-05 21:29:07 PST ---
per the error, i added the following to `DerivedSources/webkit/WebKitDOMEventTarget.h` (i realize it's the wrong spot :) ...

 * webkit_dom_event_target_add_event_listener:
 * @handler: (closure userData) (scope call):
 * @userData: (closure):
WEBKIT_API gboolean webkit_dom_event_target_add_event_listener([...])

 * webkit_dom_event_target_remove_event_listener:
 * @handler: (scope call):
WEBKIT_API gboolean webkit_dom_event_target_remove_event_listener([...])

... + regen the gir/typelib, aaaand it worked!  i don't know if call or async is correct, both *seem* to work.  the only issue i'm having now is the callback doesn't receive any data (target/event) at all ... but this gets me moving again.

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