[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 76995] WebKit fails IETC :indeterminate and input type=radio test

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--- Comment #25 from Kent Tamura <tkent at chromium.org>  2012-02-05 18:10:53 PST ---
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> > (In reply to comment #21)
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> > Since iOS supports indeterminate appearance, it might not be good to break it. As you mentioned in comment #19, it would be good to variate the feature. I will introduce the compile time flag in HTMLInputElement::isIndeterminate().
> The feature variation has to be done in HTMLInputElement::setIndeterminate as per the comment #21.

An, My comment #21 was confusing.  I meant that non-iOS platforms didn't support indeterminate radio buttons because they didn't support indeterminate appearance.  It didn't mean we didn't need to support HTMLInputELement::indeterminate in non-checkbox types.

- We need to support HTMLInputELement::indeterminate() and setIndetermiante() regardless of types.  This is defined by the standard and other browsers work so.
  So, We should remove !m_inputType->isCheckable() in HTMLInputElement::setIndetermiante().

- We don't need to support indeterminate radio button appearance except iOS.
 -- We should not return true from HTMLInputELement::isIndetermiante() except type=checkbox
 -- We don't need indeterminate-related code in RadioInputType.cpp

Additionally, we should not add branches by types like "if (isRadioButton())".  We should introduce InputType::supportsIndeterminateAppearance(), CheckboxInputType should return true for it, and RadioInputType should return true for it only on iOS.

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