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--- Comment #1 from Mihnea Ovidenie <mihnea at adobe.com>  2012-12-07 01:52:32 PST ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> Copy HTML from URL and open with Canary.  Two-column layout relies on
> the latest flexbox spec:
> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/CSS/Using_CSS_flexible_boxes
> The col1/col2 text (yellow) should display default ARTICLE content,
> threaded through the multipage layout.  First full-width pull (pink)
> should display article's H1 title content.  First page's partial-width
> pull should display article's ASIDE content. Flexbox layout works OK,
> but regions don't.
> This other test, which relies on an older flexbox implementation,
> shows better results, though not perfect:
> https://github.com/mike-sierra/webplatform/blob/master/examples/bugFlexOld.html
> The green column regions correctly display the main ARTICLE flow.  The
> coral area correctly displays a FIGURE diverted from the article.
> However, the pink region at top of first page should display article's
> H1 content.

Hi Mike,

Per regions spec:
At the time of this note-writing, the display values that always result in a non-replaced block container include block, inline-block, table-cell, table-caption, and list-item. All of these display values work as regions with non-replaced elements."

This means that you cannot make an item with diplay: flex/inline-flex a region, to get the content from a named flow.

You can combine regions and flex-box, by having regions (with auto-size support) as flex items.

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