[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 104191] Implement matching cue by the class name with ::cue pseudo element

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Fri Dec 7 20:14:04 PST 2012


--- Comment #13 from Dima Gorbik <dgorbik at apple.com>  2012-12-07 20:16:31 PST ---
Antti, I think the subclassing will not help in this case. When the cloneChildNodes is called, document::create is then called to create the clone which gets a qTag as an argument. And it will not preserve the original class, it will create a regular Element instead of the WebVTTElement, and will call its' copyNonAttributeProperties which is empty.
There a type choosing code in document::create which is based on the namespace for the tag. May this be used to create a WebVTTElement instead of Element?
The other idea I have is to implement a virtual function in Element "createElementOfSameType". And this function could be used instead of document::create in cloneChildNodes. This could slow things down, but how often does cloning happens?

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