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--- Comment #3 from Tab Atkins <tabatkins at google.com>  2012-12-03 11:41:30 PST ---
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> This bug was filed because I didn't understand the different between "computed value" and "serialized value". What getComputedStyle returns is the "serialized value" and those are not covered by the grid spec.
> I don't know what IE 10 returns but from a talk with Tab, it seems that what we do is right (ie if the value can be trivially serialized to an absolute value we do it, if not, return the value as applied).

Almost right.  ^_^

getComputedStyle returns the "resolved value", which is a term we invented to describe what "computed style" meant back in CSS 2.0.  The resolved value === the computed value for all properties, except for a handful of CSS 2.1 properties for which it equals the used value.

Another important distinction, though, is between the computed value and the serialization of the computed value.  For example, the computed value of background-position is two (keyword,length) pairs, but the serialization of the computed value is often just one or two lengths.  "Computed value" is an abstraction that the spec uses, but authors only have access to the serialization.

Finally, for this bug itself, the current Grid spec shows significant confusion over what a computed value is in some properties.  I'll fix this up before the end of the month in a rewrite, but for now I've just given Julien private advice on how to treat these properties.

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