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Wed Aug 1 07:28:53 PDT 2012

Yes, letter case isn't always style; sometimes it is content. But in those cases I don't use text-transform, and no one should. The only time I (and every other developer I know) ever uses text-transform, is to explicitly declare that the case is ONLY style. 

I just test the clipboard using the Mac version of Firefox and Mac Mail as the pasting program. The sample text had various variations of text-transfrom, and also font-weight as a control group. I pasted the sample text into the "subject line" and the text appeared without font-weight and without text-transform applied. I then pasted into the message body, and the styles including text-transform where applied. 

This to me seems the proper behavior. Information regarding text-transform was presented, the pasting program (Mail) decided whether or not to apply the style in different contexts. This shows that the clipboard is capable of preserving this information separately. It's been done.

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