[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 93629] Reduce Font.h includes across project -- improves RenderObject.h compile time

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Tue Aug 14 12:42:31 PDT 2012


--- Comment #39 from nbhargava at google.com  2012-08-14 12:42:58 PST ---
> I suggest we make a first patch that just removes the inlining. Then we can follow up with the patch that makes all the include changes to get the build time improvements.

Makes sense to me. Should I split this into two bug reports or just leave it here and make the patches more incremental?

> So what have we learned about the performance impact of removing all this inlining?

In terms of performance, the outputted results make it seem like there isn't really an impact. That being said, I'm not familiar with the expected outputs at all, so I'm hoping someone else can chime in here as to whether these are effective.

Thanks for the additional comments. I will make those changes promptly.

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