[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 93727] REGRESSION (r125133): Multiple crashes introduced in GTK debug builds

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--- Comment #8 from Zan Dobersek <zandobersek at gmail.com>  2012-08-14 02:09:10 PST ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> I'd like to note that crash is very flaky. Hard to reproduce on my local gtk build environment. It makes bisect very difficult.
> Flakiness dashboard told me that limited recent results. Is there any way to see more previous results?

You can check the 'Show all runs' checkbox in the top right of the flakiness dashboard. That shows that on the 64-bit release bot, the tests first started failing in the revision range r125121-r125128. That range is covered by the following builds:

Unfortunately, the first buildbot cycle didn't make it through because of dependencies update failure.

Other than that, it seems the regression is hard to find because of unfortunate combination of bad patches and outside factors. At least the 64-bit debug builder is clear that the regression started occurring somewhere in between r12103 and r125133:

This irritates me well enough that I'll take a look at it in the CET afternoon if you don't find the offending commit by then. Thanks for the effort though, much appreciated!

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