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--- Comment #37 from David Gatwood <dgatwood at mac.com>  2012-08-11 19:00:25 PST ---
It is also, as far as I can tell, impossible to place the insertion point *between* elements.  This makes a number of interesting programmatic uses of insertHTML impossible (unwrapping nodes, for example).

For example, given an HTML block like this:

    <div contentEditable="true"><div id="scratchpad"></div></div>

and code like this:

    document.getElementById("scratchpad").innerHTML = "<div id=\"foo\">blah</div><div id=\"bar\">blah</div>";

    var sel = window.getSelection();
    var range = document.createRange();


    document.execCommand("insertHTML", false, "<div id=\"baz\">-</div>");

One would expect this snippet to result in:

    <div id="foo">blah</div><div id="baz">-</div><div id="bar">blah</div>

but instead, you get:

    <div id="foo">blah</div><div id="bar">-blah</div>

I've tried every combination of set{Start|End}{After|Before|} that I can think of, and even things like setBaseAndExtent, modifying the selection object directly by extending it in either direction, etc.  Nothing works.

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