[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 93170] Inline continuations create :after generated content on style recalcs

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Fri Aug 3 19:46:04 PDT 2012


--- Comment #3 from Abhishek Arya <inferno at chromium.org>  2012-08-03 19:46:03 PST ---
can you paste the rendertree before and after the style recalc. this is really interesting and i think i might have an idea about what is going wrong. I remember sometime back i discovered a bug in this area. anyway, lets discuss this in person.

void RenderInline::styleDidChange(StyleDifference diff, const RenderStyle* oldStyle)
    RenderBoxModelObject::styleDidChange(diff, oldStyle);

    // Ensure that all of the split inlines pick up the new style. We
    // only do this if we're an inline, since we don't want to propagate
    // a block's style to the other inlines.
    // e.g., <font>foo <h4>goo</h4> moo</font>.  The <font> inlines before
    // and after the block share the same style, but the block doesn't
    // need to pass its style on to anyone else.
    RenderStyle* newStyle = style();
    RenderInline* continuation = inlineElementContinuation();
    for (RenderInline* currCont = continuation; currCont; currCont = currCont->inlineElementContinuation()) {
        RenderBoxModelObject* nextCont = currCont->continuation();

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