[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23933] XMLHttpRequest doesn't work while submitting a form (useful for progress tracking)

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--- Comment #15 from Ben <throwaway at indietorrent.org>  2012-04-27 08:14:38 PST ---
To elaborate, if I have a link (anchor element with href attribute) that points to a binary file (a download of some kind), and I attach an on-click event to the element that triggers AJAX GET requests at some interval, those requests are not acted upon until the GET request for the binary file is completed.

It bears mention that modern browsers seem to examine the request headers and do not change the window location if the file appears to be binary. As such, the user never "sees" the download page, but is presented with the download file dialog once the GET request has completed. This is a nice feature. For browsers that do not implement this behavior, it can be forced with the preventDefault() JavaScript function.

In any case, what's the workaround when the request method is GET instead of POST? As far as I am aware, there is no "receive()" equivalent to the send() method.

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