[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 83512] FontMetrics.unitsPerEm() isn't set on Chromium Windows

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--- Comment #6 from Koji Ishii <kojiishi at gmail.com>  2012-04-20 08:52:51 PST ---
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> Koji,
> Is unitsperem all that is needed in SkTypeface to switch over to using Skia for metrics (something we really want to do, so we can change Skia's backend to directwrite)?

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, no. There are bunch of code in SimpleFontDataChromiumWin.cpp and FontPlatformDataChromiumWin.cpp that use GDI for font metrics as you might know, and I'm adding a couple of more because functions I need for 51450 are missing in Skia Win today.

The reason I put this bug was that, my on-going patches for 51450 and 69282 require unitsPerEm, neither Chromium Windows nor Skia sets it today, and I thought having a separate bug from 51450 works better for you guys to be aware that I'm adding more GDI code. As it goes, 51450 has more GDI code than this bug that I'm talking with bashi at google.com to resolve this one as INVALID and merge this patch to 51450.

It sounds great to me that that you're planning to switch over to DirectWrite. Do you have a bug for these GDI font code to move to Skia? If so, and if the bug is going to land earlier than this/51450, I'm happy to add the functions to Skia Win instead of these files. Another function I need is to get OpenType table, which is available for Linux version of Skia but not for Windows, so I'm trying to add it in 51450.

If it's going to take a bit more, I might resolve this one as INVALID and merge with 51450, then you guys can look into current code plus 51450 to see which functions you need to move to Skia. Please let me know your preferences and I'm very happy to help you.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether you're supporting old Windows that don't run DirectWrite or not. If you do, then you need a run-time switch between GDI and DirectWrite, and you'll need GDI code anyway, and it might make sense for me to keep adding GDI code and for you to move them to Skia.

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