[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 83012] Web Inspector: localStorage items are not updated when the storage changes

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--- Comment #5 from Vivek Galatage <vivekgalatage at gmail.com>  2012-04-09 02:09:04 PST ---
Adding to further analysis, the method InspectorDOMStorageResource::startReportingChangesToFrontend() adds itself as Storage event listener on the page being inspected (m_frame). 

So now when the page being inspected(m_frame) adds the new key value pair in the localStorage, the StorageEventDispatcher::dispatch() method is invoked. But now here this method filters out the page who added this change(in this scenario the m_frame itself) from sending any notifications (ref: http://dev.w3.org/html5/webstorage/#dom-localstorage)  by following lines - 

        // Send events to every page.
        const HashSet<Page*>& pages = page->group().pages();
        HashSet<Page*>::const_iterator end = pages.end();
        for (HashSet<Page*>::const_iterator it = pages.begin(); it != end; ++it) {
            for (Frame* frame = (*it)->mainFrame(); frame; frame = frame->tree()->traverseNext()) {
===============>if (sourceFrame != frame && frame->document()->securityOrigin()->equal(securityOrigin))

So here in this case, sourceFrame will always be the frame so this frame would never get any such notifications.

Hence InspectorDOMStorageResource::handleEvent() is not triggered.

Moving further, for testing purposes I explicitly removed this check and made sure the InspectorDOMStorageResource::handleEvent() is invoked.

So in the InspectorDOMStorageResource::handleEvent() method, there is a check if the event hasInterface("StorageEvent") which evaluates to true so the handleEvent returns from there itself.

So again for testing purposes, when I bypassed this check, the DOMStorage.js (from inspector/front-end) file's method updateDOMStorage() is invoked and it basically updates the view correctly.

So what would be your comments on how do we proceed on this. I think we need to change the inspector's behavior on how it listens to the storageEvent as the inspector page is not in the same PageGroup as the page being inspected.

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