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--- Comment #5 from Simon Pena <spena at igalia.com>  2012-04-04 06:04:11 PST ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> Cool, I'll take a look into that.

OK, there were several things here. First, about my comment #1.
EVENT(durationchange) was indeed emitted from ::didEnd (as you said in
comment #3)

The comment in MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer::didEnd there explained that
durationChange was emitted in case it was reverse playback. Checking for
m_playbackRate < 0 is enough to avoid wrongly emitting that signal.

But, as soon as I fixed that, I got the other issues in the diff in comment #0.
It turned out that pulseaudio was saving the volume setting of the testrunner
between different test runs.

I will update the gtk.py script so module-stream-restore (the pulseaudio module
responsible for saving and restoring the volume settings) is unloaded for the
test run.

Also, if someone is interested in testing this earlier, it's possible to access
pulseaudio's database:

$tdbtool ~/.pulse/*-stream-volumes.tdb

And remove the offending entry:

tdb> delete sink-input-by-application-name:DumpRenderTree

Then, killing pulseaudio will make it re-load the database, where the setting
for the testrunner won't be found.

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