[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 63933] HTML canvas strokes with dash and dashOffset

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--- Comment #13 from Young Han Lee <joybro201 at gmail.com>  2011-09-26 00:55:59 PST ---

> Ok, you are missing a lot of different tests. First I'd like a test with numbers > max of float. I'd also like to have a test with negative values (in different orders) and of course none-weel formed arguments '[0, 0b]' '[a, b]' and so on. A lot more stress testing.

I added another test, canvas-webkitLineDash-invalid.html, for the invalid arguments.

> Hm. It is not specified yet (as far as I know). So you have to explain why you use webkitLineDashOffset, webkitLineDash where the values come from and how it was designed. I would be extremely helpful if you can mention the discussion on the mozilla bug report and also link to this report in the change log.
> It might be a good idea to explain your plans on the webkit-dev mailing list. Especially because it is not specified yet.

Yep, I rewrote the changeLogs. Should it be more detailed?

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