[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 67750] Create a delegate class to help cleanly isolate the chromium compositor API

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--- Comment #19 from Antoine Labour <piman at chromium.org>  2011-09-22 17:02:09 PST ---
Well, today several layers share the same delegate, e.g. the transform layer and the content layer of a given GraphicsLayerChromium. Problem is, you don't want to assume the transform layer (which is a LayerChromium) draws anything.
I've been trying to factor out the delegate from LayerChromium altogether, and move it into a CCContentLayerDelegate, only applicable to ContentLayerChromium, but it's more complicated than it appears, because GLC doesn't know anything about the types of layers (hence no safe down casting), yet wants to set itself as the delegate.

But in general, I agree with the premise that drawsContent should have nothing to do with LayerChromium in general.

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