[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 67864] [Qt] Win32 build broken due to MachineStackMarker.cpp/.o failing to link against pthreads library

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Mon Sep 12 18:00:13 PDT 2011


--- Comment #11 from Geoffrey Garen <ggaren at apple.com>  2011-09-12 18:00:12 PST ---
> If necessary, I'll work on it.

Thanks, Jarred. I think it is necessary at this point; no on else has spoken up as a QtWin32 maintainer.

As I said above, I'd recommend starting with trying to get QtWin32 to link against libpthread, as other Win platforms do.

> Before going further, wouldn't it be wise to then abstract the notion of a thread rather than going
> against pthread as if it's the only option, before proceeding with development?

New thread-related code uses the WTF thread abstractions, so designing a thread abstraction is not a prerequisite to core VM development. The thing that's breaking QtWin32 right now is turning on old thread-related code, since that code was written before the WTF thread abstractions existed. We need to turn on the old code to establish the baseline assumption that "threads exist".

I believe that you could fix QtWin32 by porting MachineStackMarker.cpp to WTF thread abstractions like ThreadSpecific<T>. (But I still think, in the short term, that linking against libpthread is the path of least resistance.)

> When will you be removing these flags for good Geoff?  Are you ready to do it immediately after
> removing QtWin from core builders, or are you still doing other cleanups first?

I'm ready with a patch now, but I'm willing to wait if you're actively working on this.

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