[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 64546] Redrawing dirty parts of a large table is very slow

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--- Comment #23 from Konstantin Shcheglov <scheglov at google.com>  2011-09-12 08:54:01 PST ---

> >   I don't observe that in JS you access collapsed border values.
> >   I think that collapsed borders are paint/presentation feature instead of style feature.
> I am not sure why you are making some distinction here. getComputedStyle should return the computed value for the property. borderLeftWidth is a layout value which is derived from the different style properties.

  This is like we have small rectangle div of RED color and above it bit div of GREEN color, which fully covers RED one.
  Even if visually we don't see that small div is RED, we still should return its color as RED.

  Basically this is what happens with borders - we paint one border and other border, but they are separate things.

> Looks like the values returned by getComputedStyle don't take into account the border-collapse indeed. We match IE and Opera here (FF being the only one returning the collapsed computed values).

  It seems that there are different approaches here.
  I can not find anything related in standards.

> > 
> >   As I can see, even for huge table CollapsedBorderValues contains only 2 elements, because we remember only unique CollapsedBorderValue objects.
> Indeed, I missed that addBorderStyle checks for unique style before adding it.

  Is there anything else I can make to get positive review and land this patch?

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