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           Summary: ReadAV(NULL) @ chrome.dll!ubrk_setText_46
           Product: WebKit
           Version: 528+ (Nightly build)
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows Vista
            Status: NEW
          Severity: Normal
          Priority: P1
         Component: CSS
        AssignedTo: webkit-unassigned at lists.webkit.org
        ReportedBy: skylined at chromium.org
                CC: eric at webkit.org

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Chromium: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=95486

  * {
    -webkit-locale: 'xx-_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
    -webkit-text-security: disc;

There seem to be a number of problems here in WebKit and icu that combine to cause this:
- A missing NULL check in acquireLineBreakIterator,
- A hardcoded size limit for a buffer in ures_open,
- Code that fills a buffer completely, leaving no room for a terminating NULL in _canonicalize.

Source code for WebCore::acquireLineBreakIterator [webkit\source\webcore\platform\text\textbreakiteratoricu.cpp]
TextBreakIterator* acquireLineBreakIterator(const UChar* string, int length, const AtomicString& locale)
    UBreakIterator* iterator = LineBreakIteratorPool::sharedPool().take(locale); /// RETURN NULL

    UErrorCode setTextStatus = U_ZERO_ERROR;
    ubrk_setText(iterator, string, length, &setTextStatus);                      /// NULL ptr crash
    if (U_FAILURE(setTextStatus)) {
        LOG_ERROR("ubrk_setText failed with status %d", setTextStatus);
        return 0;

    return reinterpret_cast<TextBreakIterator*>(iterator);
The code path that sets iterator to NULL is:

WebCore::LineBreakIteratorPool::take [webkit\source\webcore\platform\text\linebreakiteratorpoolicu.h]
ubrk_open [icu\source\common\ubrk.cpp]
BreakIterator::createLineInstance [icu\source\common\brkiter.cpp]
BreakIterator::createInstance [icu\source\common\brkiter.cpp]
BreakIterator::makeInstance [icu\source\common\brkiter.cpp]
BreakIterator::buildInstance [icu\source\common\brkiter.cpp]
ures_open [icu\source\common\uresbund.c]

Parital source code for ures_open:
U_CAPI UResourceBundle*  U_EXPORT2
ures_open(const char* path,
                    const char* localeID,
                    UErrorCode* status)
    char canonLocaleID[100];
    UResourceDataEntry *hasData = NULL;
    UResourceBundle *r;

    if(status == NULL || U_FAILURE(*status)) {
        return NULL;

    /* first "canonicalize" the locale ID */
    uloc_getBaseName(localeID, canonLocaleID, sizeof(canonLocaleID), status); /// SEE BELOW ///
    if(U_FAILURE(*status) || *status == U_STRING_NOT_TERMINATED_WARNING) {
        *status = U_ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT_ERROR;
        return NULL;
The max locale size for uloc_getBaseName is limited to 100 by the hardcoded "canonLocaleID" buffer. It might be wise to switch to a dynamically allocated buffer here, if possible?

Continuing down the code path:

uloc_getBaseName [icu\source\common\uloc.c]
_canonicalize [icu\source\common\uloc.c]

Parital source code for _canonicalize:
    return u_terminateChars(result, resultCapacity, len, err);
"resultCapacity" is the hardcoded 100 limit mentioned above. The locale we provided is 100 chars, so result if filled with 100 chars in the code before this return statement. It might be wise for the code to not fill the entire buffer, but leave some space for the terminate chars? Otherwise, all our efforts have been in vain. Continuing down the code path:

u_terminateChars [icu\source\common\ustring.c]
Source code for u_terminateChars:
U_CAPI int32_t U_EXPORT2
u_terminateChars(char *dest, int32_t destCapacity, int32_t length, UErrorCode *pErrorCode) {
    __TERMINATE_STRING(dest, destCapacity, length, pErrorCode);
    return length;
#define __TERMINATE_STRING(dest, destCapacity, length, pErrorCode)      \
    if(pErrorCode!=NULL && U_SUCCESS(*pErrorCode)) {                    \
        /* not a public function, so no complete argument checking */   \
        if(length<0) {                                                  \
            /* assume that the caller handles this */                   \
        } else if(length<destCapacity) {                                \
            /* NUL-terminate the string, the NUL fits */                \
            dest[length]=0;                                             \
            /* unset the not-terminated warning but leave all others */ \
            if(*pErrorCode==U_STRING_NOT_TERMINATED_WARNING) {          \
                *pErrorCode=U_ZERO_ERROR;                               \
            }                                                           \
        } else if(length==destCapacity) {                               \
            /* unable to NUL-terminate, but the string itself fit - set a warning code */ \
            *pErrorCode=U_STRING_NOT_TERMINATED_WARNING;                \
        } else /* length>destCapacity */ {                              \
            /* even the string itself did not fit - set an error code */ \
            *pErrorCode=U_BUFFER_OVERFLOW_ERROR;                        \
        }                                                               \
Since length is 100 and destCapacity is also 100, pErrorCode is set to U_STRING_NOT_TERMINATED_WARNING. Going back up the code path, from ures_open onwards, functions will return NULL leading to a NULL pointer in ubrk_setText.

ubrk_setText [icu\source\common\ubrk.cpp]
ubrk_setText(UBreakIterator* bi,
             const UChar*    text,
             int32_t         textLength,
             UErrorCode*     status)
    BreakIterator *brit = (BreakIterator *)bi;                  //// bi and brit are NULL
    utext_openUChars(&ut, text, textLength, status);
    brit->setText(&ut, *status);                                //// brit is NULL -> crash
    // A stack allocated UText wrapping a UCHar * string
    //   can be dumped without explicitly closing it.

It might make sense to add a NULL check here.

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