[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 53055] REGRESSION: Rendering artifacts on a rotated, pattern filled shape

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--- Comment #58 from Dirk Schulze <krit at webkit.org>  2011-09-01 01:09:32 PST ---
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> > I don't agree. First, I think this should be fixed before landing. SVGImageBufferTools is not really fast, we shouldn't make it slower with unnecessary copy operations. We never use TransformationMatrix in SVG, and even if we have to switch to TransformationMatrix for supporting semi-3D, we can't use this function as is. Second, if we add a fix me instead of fixing it at once, it is very likely that it will never get fixed. I don't see a big deal to add a new decompose function to AffineTransform. The necessary coder for affine matrices can be found online.
> This patch has been held up for too long by this issue, and we'd really like to commit it soon. I'll make sure that Tim addresses the AffineTransform decomposition issue soon; it won't get left this way for long.


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