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--- Comment #10 from Kalle Vahlman <zuh at iki.fi>  2011-10-21 05:12:49 PST ---
Yes, getting a newer cairo seems to fix the issues in the screenshots.

There's still issues though, especially in the CSS3 section.

The scrollbars in the adjustable CSS examples seem to have a mismatch on the graphical appearance and how they handle input. The scrollbars are very wide (going outside their container) although the input area of them matches the intended I believe, a few hundred pixels wide or so.

Also the effects of the scrollbars are not always updated to the screen properly, like for example in the text stroke demo. You need to trigger the repaint "manually", eg. by changing slides.

Dropdown boxes (<select>) do not work.

In the first transition demo only the lower one works as expected, the upper one isn't animated and to see the result requires a manual update like the scrollbars (probably related issue).

The second and third transition demos break the repaints even more, and some of the content is not even visible.

These all might be related to existing bugs or known issues though...

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