[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 70250] Web Inspector: Element highlighting shows non existing margin for divs with limited width.

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--- Comment #4 from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org>  2011-10-17 12:02:06 PST ---
Antti just pointed me to:

> The following constraints must hold among the used values of the other properties:
>   'margin-left' + 'border-left-width' + 'padding-left' + 'width' + 'padding-right' + 'border-right-width' + 'margin-right' = width of containing block
> If 'width' is not 'auto' and 'border-left-width' + 'padding-left' + 'width' + 'padding-right' + 'border-right-width'
> (plus any of 'margin-left' or 'margin-right' that are not 'auto') is larger than the width of the containing block,
> then any 'auto' values for 'margin-left' or 'margin-right' are, for the following rules, treated as zero.
> If all of the above have a computed value other than 'auto', the values are said to be "over-constrained" and one of
> the used values will have to be different from its computed value. If the 'direction' property of the containing block
> has the value 'ltr', the specified value of 'margin-right' is ignored and the value is calculated so as to make the
> equality true. If the value of 'direction' is 'rtl', this happens to 'margin-left' instead.

Seems like in this case that really is the margin.

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