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--- Comment #40 from Johnny(Jianning) Ding <jnd at chromium.org>  2011-10-16 23:50:09 PST ---
(In reply to comment #39)
> The patch adds a new field in RareInheritedData, but in RenderStyle::diff() method, it does not take this new property into account when comparing two RenderStyle's.
> I would say it is a missing part on the patch. Could you confirm?

Hi Antonio,  I am not sure we need to compare tap-highlight-color in RenderStyle::diff  so far because.
1) tap-highlight-color don't affect the layout. Currently we don't use it in any rendering actions.
2) the render engine embedder (browser) may use tap-highlight-color to draw the highlight rectangle(s) in draw surface when users tap an element, but the render engine should do nothing.
The similar data field like tap-highlight-color in RareInheritedData is cursorData. We currently don't compare it in RenderStyle::diff.

But if we really need to return a diff for tap-highlight-color change,  a diff which can trigger repainting action to let embedder be aware of the change may be right choice, like StyleDifferenceRepaint.

What do you think?

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