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>>>> Source/WebCore/editing/visible_units.cpp:606
>>>> +    }
>>> Why do we need this struct? Can't we just pass arguments around?
>> yes you are right that we do not need this struct. instead, we can just pass arguments around. then, instead of a struct, we will need to pass 4 arguments around. Also, the |offset| and |root| are only needed if the |rule| is CanNotCrossEditingBoundary.
> Could you elaborate on why we need those 4 arguments?

this function is extracted to be shared by nextLinePosition() and nextRootInlineBox().
nextLinePosition() honor editing boundary while nextRootInlineBox() does not. This is from the 1st data member.

When it is honor editing boundary, in original code inside nextLinePosition(), the first next leaf node it gets is through nextLeafWithSameEditability(), and it accepts 2 parameters -- the node, and the original visible position's Position's offset which is the 2nd data member here.

When it is honor editing boundary, the code exits earlier when the next node's highest editable root is not the same as original node's highest editable root. original node's highest editable root is the 3rd data member.

In original code inside nextLinePosition(), when position is a candidate but without root inline box, this position is returned as next line position. I am not clear on what to do when we only want to get next root inline box in this case (pls. refer comment at line 656), and I ignored such case for nextRootInlineBox(), hence the 4th parameter to differentiate.

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