[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 66878] HTMLAudioElement can be garbage collected while it playing

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--- Comment #26 from Eugene Nalimov <enal at google.com>  2011-10-11 15:23:31 PST ---
>Does this mean your patch is causing a performance regression (even in release)?

In release test passed, but I assume code became slower, too -- I am doing more when adding/removing event listener. Some other types are also have slower add/removeEventListenerCallback() because they also keep track of listener objects, but V8Node till that moment did not keep track, and that was the bug...

>I'm still skeptical about this approach.  This doesn't seem like the right way of solving this problem.

I discussed it with Anton Muhin. Initially he thought I should do what all other objects are doing, that is adding/removing hidden dependency, but later suggested that approach. He believes that is better, because it avoids adding extra slot to V8Node object -- there are lot of nodes, and absolute majority of them would never have listener attached.

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