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--- Comment #17 from talby at trap.mtview.ca.us  2011-10-10 11:44:05 PST ---
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> Hrm. Perhaps you'll have better luck handling the load-started signal. The documentation claims it's deprecated, but I'm in favor of undeprecating it.
> Also the fact that calling load_data in a signal handler causes a crash, sounds like a bug! Do you have a stack trace?

"load-started" on the WebKitWebView only seems to fire for the main frame.  WebKitWebFrame doesn't emit a "load-started" signal, so I don't think that can help me.

I have since been able to call webkit_web_frame_load_string() from within "navigation-policy-decision-requested".  On the first pass I didn't notice that webkit_web_frame_load_string() from with the signal handler emits second "navigation-policy-decision-requested" signal, and my naive attempt was simply blowing the stack.  If I don't call _load_string() in the second emit, it seems to load smoothly.

I still have a segfault attempting to use webkit_web_view_load_string() from within "resource-request-starting", and can provide the stack trace if it's still interesting to you.  It may not be worth investigating because there's a workaround, but that one is not a handler recursion issue, it's something more complex.

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