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--- Comment #15 from talby at trap.mtview.ca.us  2011-10-08 12:21:50 PST ---
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> Have you tried using http://webkitgtk.org/reference/webkitgtk-webkitwebview.html#webkit-web-view-load-string ?

That's a great suggestion, and yes I am, for the main frame load.  However my trouble shows up when the page has child frames (or child windows).  If I use a "resource-request-starting" handler to rewrite the url to a data: url, the DOM is unable to resolve relative links and onDomain policies are not honored.  If instead I use a "resource-request-starting" handler to call webkit_web_frame_load_string(), it seems to mangle the WebKitWebFrame and lead to segfaults.  I think the DocumentLoader ends up in a bad state where a new load attempt has partially initiated, yet the last attempt has not finished failing.  So, it doesn't seem like webkit_web_frame_load_string() is intended for use in signal handlers, at least not "resource-request-starting" (or "navigation-policy-decision-requested").

I can't find a way to satisfy a pending load attempt with a *_load_string() call, so it doesn't seem to help me with child frames where the load is initiated as a side effect of a parent load.

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