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--- Comment #2 from Priyanka <ahollyhock at gmail.com>  2011-10-06 21:17:07 PST ---
As mentioned in http://www.w3.org/TR/2011/WD-WebIDL-20110927/#interface-prototype-object

"There must exist an interface prototype object for every interface defined, regardless of whether the interface was declared with the [NoInterfaceObject] extended attribute. The interface prototype object for a particular interface has properties that correspond to the attributes and operations defined on that interface

4.5.6. Operations

For each unique identifier of an operation defined on the interface, there must be a corresponding property on the interface prototype object (if it is a regular operation) or the interface object (if it is a static operation),

The property has attributes { [[Writable]]: true, [[Enumerable]]: true, [[Configurable]]: true }.
In our case interface : JSHTMLCanvasElement

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