[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 69421] Client side image maps breaks with css image resize

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--- Comment #2 from Egil Möller <egil.moller at freecode.no>  2011-10-06 00:34:01 PST ---
I'm sorry if I was unspecifix. The problem is not a different behavior from Safari or Firefox, in fact, at least Firefox has the same problem.

If you examine where the pointer changes to a hand when moved over the small picture, you'll see that all of Norway (the country depicted) is a link, while all space outside of the country is not.

In the big picture however, the clickable/linked shape is still the same, up in the left hand corner, while the image has been scaled. That is, in the big image, norway isn't clickable any longer, while a part of the north sea (northwest of norway) is.

The problem is that scaling an image using CSS does not scale the coordinates of the imagemap clickable areas in the same way.

I do not know if the CSS standard actually says anything on this topic, but if this functionality is "by design", I believe it is a very bad misfeature.

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