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--- Comment #2 from Filip Pizlo <fpizlo at apple.com>  2011-10-05 15:10:05 PST ---
Full diagnosis:

DFG's OSR machinery assumes that each bytecode operation sets only one bytecode virtual register, and only does so when the operation has completed successfully.  But this is not the case for op_post_inc, which supports statements of the form "x = y++" where x and y are different variables.  This statement involves setting x to y's old value, then incrementing y (i.e. adding 1 to its old value and then setting it).

The assertion being hit in this failure was asserting that a SetLocal constitutes the end of a bytecode statement.  In op_post_inc, there are two SetLocals, with an ArithAdd in between.  Hence, it appears that OSR's assumptions, as well as the assertion, are wrong.

It turns out that the assumptions of OSR are pretty much right, but just need to be restated: in this case, x is dead prior to op_post_inc anyway.  So from OSR's standpoint, it's OK to execute the first SetLocal even if the ArithAdd or subsequent SetLocal will fail.

This what OSR is really assuming is that either a SetLocal constitutes the end of a bytecode operation, or its effect is harmless if the bytecode operation is executed again.

I don't know of an easy way to put this into an ASSERT statement, so I've removed the old ASSERT statement and am now verifying that this fixes the problem.

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