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--- Comment #27 from Giulio Urlini <sentangeleyes at gmail.com>  2011-11-25 04:04:10 PST ---
Dear all,
     following my previous message I would like to propose our development to integrate the OpenCL support for some SVG filters.
I've divided my patches in several parts:
- config_make_files.patch where the makefiles and configure have been updated to add the compilation option for OpenCL
- common_files_modified.patch where the activation of OpenCL is inserted
- common_files_added.patch a set of files added in order to provide a set of common functions for the OpenCL usage
- filters_modified.patch are the filters actually modified

The preprocessor ENABLE(OPENCL) is activated by configure
the preprocessor USE_C_PROFILING and USE_OPENCL are activated manually in the file oclHelper.h described in common_files_added.patch

Best Regards,


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