[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 70897] Use a simple page client/controller for user consent in getUserMedia()

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--- Comment #19 from Tommy Widenflycht <tommyw at google.com>  2011-11-09 09:53:28 PST ---
1) a JS function calls GetUserMedia which forwards the call to UserMediaController
2) The UserMediaController enumerates the available audio/video devices through the Platform interface. The devices are at this stage unopened.
3) The UserMediaController then sends the list for selection and approval from the user through the Client interface.
4) The user selects say a camera and a audio input device and thus approves the use.

Have I gotten it right this time? I have been confused by the wording Query which for me sounds like "asking the user" and not "enumerating all devices".

In that case the Client implementation must open the devices, otherwise we can't handle problems with device availability not show a self preview etc etc. This means that the Client implementation is going to to the bulk of the functionality and not just simply doing a policy decision. I personally is OK with this but I am bringing this up so that it won't pop up later in the process (been there, done that).

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