[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 71538] [EFL] Remove EDJ based cursor.

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--- Comment #2 from Gustavo Lima Chaves <glima at profusion.mobi>  2011-11-04 13:14:47 PST ---
Let me explain better/corrent my thougts.

The utility of edje cursors exists for applications willing to theme in a custom manner its cursors. I have just han an use case for that myself. By implementing the groups with names listed in CursorEfl.cpp, and ewk_view_theme_set()-ing the view with their implementation, one may have its own cursors for all those contexts.

What you say is that without ewk_view_theme_set(), the base theme won't have custom edje cursors and it will fallback to X ones. But that's just what we want, the default behavior to be making use of system cursors. If the user wishes to extend it, he/she HAS to provide it on its own theme extension. The cursor keys could be later documented on ewk_view_theme_set().

Finally, silencing webkit WRT cursor changes is not necessary, since we have these fallbacks.

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